N E W    B E G I N N I N G S S C H O O L   O F  T H E  S P I R I T
MENTORING  APPLICATION STEPS: 1) Purchase our two books and read them.  (You can buy them from our online Store.) 2) Print the Questions Below and Submit your answers with the mentoring date you have chosen. 3) Contact us regarding Mentoring Prices  (nbsos88@gmail.com)  and travel information. MENTORING  APPLICATION  QUESTIONS All students are required to have pre-read our Books – can be ordered on the Website “God Came Suddenly” and “Divine Supernatural Encounters.” All Answers Are To Be Between 25 and 100 Words 01.) Status — male — female — married — single — divorced — widow. 02.) Where do you attend worship, and how long have you been there? 03.) How often to attend worship 1 — 2 — 3  —  4  — 5  — 6 times a week? 04.) How long have you been saved? 05.) Have you ever been through an inner healing course? 06.) Do you have any form of ministerial education? 07.) List the last three spiritual books you have read. 08.) Do you or have you ever fasted?  If so, how often and how long? 09.) Do you tithe presently to your fellowship? 10.) What are your expectations concerning personal mentoring? 11.) Why do you want mentoring? 12.) Do you presently know your gift and calling? 13.) How would you describe your spiritual beliefs (religious background, upbringing) to another person?
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