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“Know Those Who Labor Among You”   I Thessalonians 5:12 Donald and Karah are native Texans who are radically saved and spirit filled Christians. They studied the Word at several local denominational churches before going on to receive ministry degrees from Christian International School of Theology. Both are licensed, and ordained ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They were co-pastors in the Rio Grand Valley of South Texas and did a School of the Spirit twice a week. They spent six years with Morning Star Ministries of Charlotte, North Carolina as prophetic team leaders, training others to minister in this gift to the body. They both pastored in United Methodist churches in Missouri and Florida. Karah was a former president of Woman’s Aglow in Fort Mill, South Carolina. She is a highly sought after teacher for workshops, and conferences on how to have victory every day as a Christian. One of Karah’s gifts to the body of Christ is her ability to teach and stir up the gifts in others, while imparting the supernatural power to become an overcomer in all areas of everyday practical life. God has used her to heal the wounded and broken hearted. Emotional trauma and broken hearts come from many life experiences. The gift and anointing that God has given Karah has a unique ability to bring forth supernatural healing and restoration to your life. She has personally experienced three supernatural physical healings from the Lord and believes that God is a God of miracles, and He has a miracle for you. Donald and Karah’s marriage was a sovereign move of God. It was prophesied, and confirmed with signs, wonders, and an angelic visitation. God supernaturally furnished the wedding dress, rings, gala wedding and much more. They were blessed and amazed at all God provided by speaking to other Christian brothers, and sisters as an additional confirming sign of their marriage.     Donald and Karah teach and preach the uncompromised Word of God, with a message of Restoration, Faith, Hope and Love.  They teach, and activate believers from all over the United States in the Prophetic, and in How to Hear the Voice of God for themselves, They minister in the gifts of Healing, and Personal Prophecy of Edification, Exhortation, Comfort, and Recognition of Ministry Gifts, and Callings to help Equip the Saints. Since their marriage many “Supernatural Encounters” have occurred in their lives. Karah wrote a book called “Suddenly God Came” about their marriage, that was ordained in heaven, but has had to be worked out on earth.  Karah’s book about how God supernaturally brought forth her Boaz was just recently published and can now be ordered through the Store link above.   New Beginnings School of the Spirit Mentoring in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Donald & Karah Young Email: nbsos88@gmail.com
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