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Recommendations:   "Donald and Karah Young are seasoned, gifted pastors who have a passion to sow the wealth of the Kingdom into the lives of those they minister to. They have a strong prophetic edge and ability to impart sound Biblical truth through their unique style of ministry. We at Gateway Worship Centre, Gravenhurst, Ontario, were greatly impacted during the time they spent with us as guest speakers at our Heaven's Invasion Conference in April '09." Rev. Ralph Rains CANADA “I spent five days with Donald and I can honestly say that those five days had a major impact on my life. Several weeks after returning home the Lord is still unfolding things that were imparted and shown to me. The main impact as of today is a greater hunger for the Word and for deeper relationship with the Lord. I can't wait to get up early each morning to spend time with my Lord and in His Word. I have also seen a substantial increase in the gift of discerning of spirits that I know is a direct result of my time with Donald and Karah.  I was constantly challenged by Donald nudging me to look deeper into the Word and to be bolder in walking in the prophetic, but I was challenged most just by watching him minister prophetically in restaurants, bookstores, or on the street and seeing people changed. It was where the "rubber meets the road." Donald has a boldness that almost everyone I know needs a measure of.  The things that the Lord did during the time with Donald and Karah are too numerous to mention and I'm not sure how to even describe some of these things yet, but I want to say that I came home changed forever, first and foremost by encountering the Lord, and also by encountering a man who is sold out to Jesus and has much to offer in experience and in gifting that he has been blessed with. I would highly recommend one on one mentoring with Donald to anyone who is truly looking to go deeper with the Lord. It is hard to put any kind of price tag on something like I experienced. I am planning another trip as soon as possible.  I am thankful for all that Donald and Karah gave so generously, but one of the things I am most grateful for is the friendship that has been formed with Donald and his family. Thank you Donald and Karah for everything.” David Cantrell Oklahoma Donald has been very instrumental in my spiritual development.  He had guided me and led me as he was led by the Holy Spirit.  As my mentor, he continues to be available when I need advice or prayer and continues to sends me words of encouragement.  He and his wife are finely tuned to the Lord and I thank God for sending him my way!!! Kenny Tucker
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