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SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS by Donald Young One man’s journey with God God has precious, prophetic, promises waiting for everyone who is willing to stay focused on the things He has preordained for them.  These promises become our anchor of hope the moment we believe. We purify ourselves as we hope in Jesus, just as He is pure.  (I John 3:3)  It is up to each individual to prepare his or her own heart to be good ground, which will reproduce natural and spiritual fruit.  Some will produce thirty-fold, some sixty- fold, and some will produce even a hundred-fold harvest as they submit to God’s living word as it walks through the garden of their heart in the cool of the day. (Mark 4:20) “Know Those Who Labor Among You”  (I Thessalonians 5:12) Donald is a radical Holy Spirit filled Christian in love with Jesus.  He and his wife Karah are both graduates from Christian International School of Theology as licensed and ordained ministers.  He co-pastored with his wife in South Texas, and later planted two prophetic Schools of the Spirit.  He spent six years with MorningStar ministries of Charlotte, North Carolina, as a Prophetic Team Leader, training others to minister in their gift and calling.  He and his wife were pastors with the United Methodist Churches in Missouri and Florida.  They continually teach and preach the uncompromised Word of God, with a message of hope and restoration.  They have activated believers from all over the North American continent in the Prophetic and How to Hear the Voice of God for themselves, ministering in Personal Prophecy and Recognition of Ministry Gifts and Callings to help Equip the Saints.
$16.00 (Shipping included  in continental  US)
$16.00 (Shipping included  in continental  US)
$10.00 (Shipping included in continental  US)
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As you study and understand Bible numbers, you will realize that every number has a revelation connected to it. This will change the way you will view numbers and scriptures from now on.
The Parable of The Sower and His Seed - by Donald & Karah Young - Good witnessing tool  (Booklet)  $10.00 * The New Wine - The third day wedding (CD audio message) $8.00 * Called, Chosen and Commissioned - How to get into the process for commission into ministry  (CD audio message)  $8.00 * Pool of Bethesda Conference - Cincinnatti OH - Donald & Karah Young minister at the Healing Rooms on how to walk in the anointing (CD) $8.00*
SUDDENLY GOD CAME by Karah Young Supernatural Encounters can happen in many ways... God’s instant deliverance from depression catapulted Karah Young into a different direction with God.  Her new quest led her to a second encounter - a powerful seven day visitation from the Holy Spirit. Almost twenty years later, she was visited again - this time for another seven glorious days. One of Karah’s gifts to the body of Christ is her ability to teach and stir up the gifts in others.  The gift and anointing that God has given her has a unique ability to impart supernatural power for healing to the wounded and godly wisdom for living as an overcoming Christian in a hurting world.  She teaches and imparts a powerful message of faith, hope and love to the Body of Christ.
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               JONAH Are you prepared to be spit out (or vomited out) of "your fish" as Jonah was, and onto your God ordained dry ground? You need to get ready, because this is exactly what is going to happen in the life of every Holy Spirit believer who is NOT presently in their God ordained ministry and location. (Jonah 2:10) Dry ground always represents the unsaved. As a true believer we are all called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to win souls for the Lord. We have the river of life flowing TO, THROUGH, and OUT of us to the unsaved.
DOCTRINES, BAPTISMS & EZEKIEL’S RIVER Everyone has an individual desire in an area they greatly want to excel in, hopefully to their fullest or maximum ability.  Ezekiel's river is "A Prophetic Launching Pad" that is available to every believer who desires to spirituality succeed. We must learn how to go beyond just walking in the things of God. We have been given a four step outline which guarantees our success (Ezekiel 47:5) to "learning how to swim" in your God ordained calling and gifting.
$16.00 (Shipping included  in continental  US)
$15.00 (Shipping included  in continental  US)