N E W    B E G I N N I N G S S C H O O L   O F  T H E  S P I R I T
MENTORING  STATEMENT All students are required to have pre-read our books “Suddenly God Came ” and “Supernatural Encounters” (Available in our Online Bookstore) At N.B.S.O.S, we teach foundational truths, which help unlock the scriptures with key verses. We encourage students to send in a list of six questions that you would like addressed during the mentoring meeting. Each student will receive hands on prayer and prophetic presbytery on the last session of the last day of mentoring. Our fees are all inclusive, covering meals, room (cost is based on double occupancy) and various ministry materials that you will receive prior to leaving. Along with our material, we will give a short list of recommended books to read that will enhance your spiritual growth. Because of the small class, size (limited to a maximum of four students) we are enabled to exhort, comfort, edify and encourage, along with identifying ministry callings in each student. We will be meeting to mentor small groups consisting of 4-6 students each three times a year. We will schedule these meetings during Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles each year. The schedule will be available after you have applied and been accepted.
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